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Stiletto Heel Trample

You've discovered Stiletto Heel Trample, where you'll find  the the hottest babes in spikes indulging in the harshest foot domination. These beautiful mistresses of the siletto heel crush and trample the men they enslave, forcing them to worship at their feet. If your foot fantasy includes sizzlin' dommes sharply disciplining their man-slaves with their stilettos, we've got you covered. And we'll even tell you right where to go to find more hot heel trampling! But before we do that, take a look at this...

Hot Mistress Duo Walk on Their Cuffed Slave

Stiletto Heel Trample

These babes might look soft, but they're tough, and they're downright brutal when it comes to satisfying their stiletto heel trample fetish. They don't think twice about crushing their cuffed sub underfoot. Can you imagine the agony and ecstasy of those spiked shoes on your chest as these mean mistresses walk on you with all their weight? Want to see how far they and their hundreds of gorgeous, heel-clad, dominating friends are willing go in pursuit of satisfaction? Click when ready!

They're Walking All Over Men! Come Watch!

Heeled Blonde Bitch Spikes Her Slave's Face

Stiletto Heel Crush and Trample

Tap dancing on a torso just isn't enough for some of these agressive bitches. They have the need to get in some serious jabs in order to sate their stiletto heel trample desires. This blonde hottie has her man right where she wants him, down on the foor like a dog, with her sharp, spiked sandal firmly embedded in his fleshy cheek. Is this rough abuse making his cock hard? You bet it is! Is it making yours hard? Want to get it even harder? Just watch these harsh mistresses trample their slaves!

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Domme Pitilessly Spears Her Sub's Scrotum

Sharp Stiletto Heel Trample

If chest walking and cheek stabbing aren't brutal enough for you, how about having a chick's stiletto heel crush and trample your ball sac? This sandal's as sharp as they come, and this collared slave is effectively immobilized as his mistress spears his scrotum. Sadistic domme that she is, her pussy runs at the thought of his discomfort. She glories in the power of her feet to inflict such exquisite torment, and she's got plenty of well-heeled friends who feel the same way. You can meet them here! 

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